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Sisters Of The Force Collection

Sisters Of The Force Collection

It is finally here! Well, almost. Her universe founder and actress Ashley Eckstein give us the full lowdown on the collection via her Instagram account and this collection is living up to expectations! A while back, Ashley posted sneak peeks at the collection via her IG story. Today, you can view the full collection on www.starwars.com . This collection will be available at Star Wars Celebration Chicago. Can’t make it out to SWCC? It’ll also be available online on April 11th! So set a reminder in your calendar because you’re not going to want to miss out on this collection.

“Sisters of the Force” is something near and dear to Ashley, as it is one of the phrases in talks of her geek fashion brand before landing on Her Universe. This collection celebrate the women of Star Wars but there are some unisex pieces as well.

Let’s take a look at the collection!


Padmé Nouveau

This was an original on one of the first Her Universe shirts during it’s initial launch. Due to it’s popularity, it will be available for SWCC.

Image via starwars.com

Rey tee

Ashley wanted to make sure this was a collection everyone can enjoy, so the decision was quite apparent for a Rey tee. From my own experience, I didn’t really see many mens tee with other female characters on than except Leia, and even then the selection seemed pretty slim. I’m glad to see this shirt in the collection.

Image via starwars.com

Image via starwars.com

Logo Tee

Classic Star Wars logo on a black tee. I’ve been loving the black-on-black look and I’m happy to see more of this type of design available. The quote on the back of the tee is from The Clone Wars, “Never give up hope, no matter how dark things seem.”. I can see why this quote resonates with Ashley, as she always speaks about hope and never giving up on your dreams.

Constellation Tee

This tee perfectly encapsulate the women of Star Wars. Designed by artist Ashley Taylor and inspired by a star map, it showcases 27 characters from both Star Wars films and TV shows. This design is available in a tee and a pullover sweatshirt.

Image via StarWars.com


Let’s face it, Padme’s wardrobe in the prequels were to die for. I’ve seen many cosplayers in this gorgeous gown and have always longed for a that lovely ombre dress. Now my dreams can be come a reality with this chiffon dress. There’s also a hoodie in the same ombre color palette for everyday.
The chiffon dress has a bustle and finger loops making the dress extra fancy.


Ahsoka is one of my favorite characters from Star Wars and I’m so thankful we’ve been getting more and more Ahsoka apparel. From graphic tees to faux leather jacket to dress, I’m always glad to see more Ahsoka options on the market. The long sleeve unisex Tano Sweatshirt pullover is designed by Daniel Kennedy (Lucasfilms). Ahsoka’s distinct lekku marking is clearly incorporated into the sleeves. The Ahsoka winbreaker jacket is more subtle in coloring but the hood does have two points as a nod to her lekku. I also love the orange beading on the drawstring to tie everything in.


The rest of the collection celebrates ladies from the original trilogy, the new movies, as well as the animated tv shows. Leia, Admiral Holdo, Rose Tico, Hera, and Sabine all get a piece in the collection. Leia’s cape coat bears the rebel insignia on the back and a metal name plate on the front, as we saw in Ashley’s sneak peek weeks earlier. Admiral Holdo’s lavender dress has been made into a shorter and looser cut for everyday wear and yes, it has pockets! Rose Tico’s jacket is inspired by her jumpsuit so it has a brown hood built into the tan jacket. The design is similar to the one Her Universe released last year in time with “The Last Jedi”, though this one looks to be a heavier jacket. Star Wars Rebels heroines Sabine and Hera are also showcased, with a pleather moto jacket inspired by Sabine’s armor from season 1 and a pullover sweatshirt for Hera. I would have liked to see something different for Hera, because for last year’s SWCC, Hera was on a long sleeve tee. I think a bomber jacket would have been a perfect fit for Hera’s character and overall design but there’s always next Star Wars Celebration!

What do you think of the Sisters of the Force collection? Which piece stood out to you and is there any other characters you would have like to see as a part of the collection? Comment your thoughts below!

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