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Avengers: Endgame Collection By Her Universe

Avengers: Endgame Collection By Her Universe

At the Her Universe Fashion Show Update panel at Wonder Con (March 30th, 2019), Ashley Eckstein and fashion show winners Kristi Siedow-Thompson, Cynthia Kirklan, and Jane Burson announces the collection they've been working on - an Avengers: Endgame collection!

This collection is inspired by the characters from the film and is available for purchase at Her Universe and Hot Topic. This is the first time a designer winners' collection is released before San Diego Comic Con but with the movie coming out in April, it makes sense to release it prior to the premiere.

Let's take a look at the pieces from this collection.

Pieces from this collection are inspired by:

  • Thanos

  • Iron Man

  • Captain America

  • Captain Marvel

  • Rocket Raccoon

  • Hawkeye

  • Thor

  • Nebula

Thanos Bomber Jacket

A purple and gold satin bomber jacket with the "Thanos" embroidered on the left chest. On the back, it features the Infinity Gauntlet in a snap position with the words "Oh Snap!" below. The inner lining has a galaxy design and the Infinity Stones throughout. A part of me wishes the jacket was reversible. I could see myself rocking both sides of this jacket.


Iron Man Armor Dress

Inspired by Tony Stark's iconic red and gold Iron Man suit, this also bears an Arc Reactor hidden by a zipper. This is probably my favorite feature on the dress. It gives it a transformation vibe - something we often see at the Her Universe Fashion Show, so it's a treat for us fangirls to be able to have this in our closet. And yes, it has pockets.


Captain America Baseball T-Shirt Dress

This casual baseball t-shirt dress features the iconic color palette of Captain America - red, white, and blue. The loose fitting style is great for the upcoming hot summer days or if you prefer a more fitted look, try it with a belt. The navy blue dress has white pinstripes and red details. Button all the way down the center and feature Cap's iconic shield on the back. I personally prefer a fitted look and wish this dress had more of a structure rather than the t-shirt fit.


Captain Marvel Jersey T-Shirt

Staying in theme with the sports jersey look, the Captain Marvel jersey tee bears the suit's iconic star design. The sleeves are made with red mesh and feature a V-neck design. On the back, the number 19 and the word "Captain". 19 symbolize the year Captain Marvel made her debut in the MCU.


Rocket Raccoon Shortalls

Denim shortalls with brown (faux leather?) buckle shoulder straps. It has a zipper down the front and features the Guardians of the Galaxy crest below the right pocket. On the back, a patch with "Rocket" is placed near the small of the back.

*coming soon, price not listed

Hawkeye Arrow Tank Top

I'm glad there's some Hawkeye apparel in this collection, because he's really underappreciated. This black racerback tank top has "I Never Miss" print in the front, but the coolest detail is the mesh panel on the back, feature two arrows crisscrossed.


Thor God of Thunder Denim Jacket

This vest gives me a Sons of Anarchy vibe! It's made with black denim and has frayed sleeves. It has the word "Worthy" embroidered on the left chest. On the back, the "God of Thunder" and Thor's new weapon Stormbreaker is prominently displayed. I wish the graphics on the back were embroidered rather than printed. It would have given this a better look overall, and I wouldn't mind shelling out more money for it.


Nebula Sports Bra and Shorts

You can train like Nebula in this light blue Sports Bra and soft athletic shorts. Silver details on the bra and shorts resemble Nebula’s mechanic design and it bears the Guardians crest on the shorts. The pieces are sold separately. I love me some athletic shorts but for Nebula I was hoping for leggings given her mechanical build. Imaging the leggings mimicking Nebula color palette, blue and purple with silver details throughout.

$16.90 (price for Sports Bra only)

Avengers Suit Track Jacket (Our Universe)

This is the unisex piece in the collection, inspired by the Quantum suits as seen in the latest Avengers: Endgame trailer. It has the Avengers symbol on both sleeves and an electronic device on the left wrist. While we're not sure what this device can do, we can speculate that it may function similarly to Ant-Man's suit's main control. Or maybe it's like Captain Marvel's wrist control. Unfortunately, we don't know until Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26th.

This jacket seems to be the most popular in the collection so far, as Her Universe only has sizes large and 2X available on the website.

*Images via Her Universe

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