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Geek & Glitter Podcast: All About Star Wars Celebration Chicago

Geek & Glitter Podcast: All About Star Wars Celebration Chicago

The Force is strong with this episode because it is all about Star Wars Celebration Chicago! Whether you’ve attending Star Wars celebration or about to head to your first one, we’ve got you covered! We’ll talk about our most anticipated panels, Star Wars Celebration exclusive merchandise, Sister of the Force collection by Her Universe, and most importantly, how to pack for Star Wars celebration or any conventions in general.

Latest In Geek Beauty

Before diving into all the SWCC goodness, we talk about the latest in geek makeup collabs such as Aladdin x MAC, Urban Decay x Game of Thrones, Became x Mickey Mouse, Avengers x Ulta and more! Are themed makeup collections as great as it sounds or are you just buying a the same shadow palettes repacked in a different manner? Which geek makeup collab are you most excited about?

Image via MAC Cosmetics

Image via MAC Cosmetics

Most Anticipated SWCC Panel

Jumping into hyperspeed - we kick off SWCC discussion by sharing our excitement for the panels. Emma will be attending for the first time and she’s most looking forward to the Star Wars: The Fallen Order panel, centered around the upcoming video game from EA and Respawn Entertainment. There has yet to be any screenshots or trailer released (at the time of this post) so it’s likely that everything will be released at SWCC. The game will be available later this year.
While Wendy is not attending SWCC, she’s excited for The Clone Wars panel. Dave Filoni revealed last year at San Diego Comic Con that The Clone Wars was saved and will return exclusively on Disney’s streaming service: Disney+. They’ll most likely show a trailer for the new Clone Wars series and we can’t wait!
Kim recounted her memory of being at Star Wars Celebration and not being able to attend a panel due to the mass crowds. Luckily for us, it looks like this year they’ll be live-streaming some of the panels.

Star Wars Celebration Exclusives

It’s all about the merch! We talk about the exclusive SWCC merchandise as well as the Sisters of the Force collection by Her Universe - which you can read more about here: Sisters of the Force available at Star Wars Celebration
You can also find a list of official SWCC exclusive merchandise here.

How do you pack for a convention?

Wendy, Emma, and Kim are all seasoned pros when it comes to conventions. They breakdown what goes in their suitcase for conventions they’re traveling out-of-state for as well as what goes in their day bag for a single day at any convention. Here are some items that are helpful to have in your backpack or purse:

  • External batteries for your phone

  • Refillable water bottle

  • Granola bars or snacks

  • Spray deodorant/travel size deodorant

  • Hair tie

  • Cash (some foot stalls or merchants may not take credit card)

  • Face Mist

  • Hand Sanitizer

Optimize your backpack space by using travel or trial size items. If you usually carry a large wallet, try looking for a lighter or slimmer style. If you like to carry makeup for re-touch throughout the day, make sure you bring only what you need to keep your bag light.

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