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Safiya x Colourpop Frankenlipsticks

Safiya x Colourpop Frankenlipsticks

“Hello friends, and welcome to another video” is what you always hear at the beginning of every Safiya Nygaard video. Nygaard worked as a producer at Buzzfeed before branching off to focus on her own YouTube channel, which has now over 8 million subscribers. From trying out wedding dresses from Wish to creating her own “Frankenlipstick”, her videos are always entertaining and informative.
Today, Safiya announced the her collaboration with Colourpop Cosmetics via Instagram - a collection of lux lipsticks. You may have seen videos of Safiya melting a bunch of lipsticks to create one “frankenlipstick” shade. Today, you can own one of those lipsticks by visiting Colourpop’s website.
As a fan of Colourpop Cosmetics, this is the collab I happily welcome. There are 6 lipsticks in this limited edition collection, and you can purchase them individually for $8 USD or get the full collection for $46 USD. The collection kit comes in a cute black box with a bat cut-out design on the front. If you’re a fan of Safiya’s videos, then you know of her obsession with bats and aliens. There are tiny bats on the lipstick cover and embossed into the lipstick bullet as well. Since we’re getting into the spooky Halloween season, the timing couldn’t be more perfect for these Franken-lippies.

The 6 lipsticks shades include:

Berry Me In Lipsticks (creme finish): berry-mauve
Fred (creme finish): full-bodied red
Mrs. Norris (creme finish): grieve-y brown
Bikini Bottom (creme finish): pinky-beige nude
Screamer (matte finish): deep burgundy
Brucie (matte finish): blue-green)

Scroll through the gallery below for photos:

I was drawn immediately to Screamer. It called to my inner witchy soul and I just have to have it in my collection. While I’m not brave enough to pull off the Brucie shade, it is the most unique out of the collection and I can’t wait to see others rocking it.

Congratulations to Safiya for launching this incredible lipstick collection with Colourpop Cosmetics and I hope this is only first of many. Do you have a favorite shade in this collection? If so, comment below!

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