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Geeky Favorites of 2017

Geeky Favorites of 2017

2017 brought on many geek-inspired trends, from comic book character inspired fashion collections to fantastical unicorn make up. Let's take a look back at some of my favorite geeky finds of 2017.


Photo source: Too Faced

Too Faced La Creme Lipstick in Unicorn Tears

At the height of the unicorn craze, Too Faced created this iridescent lippie that everyone was posting about on Instagram. The shade magically transform from an icy blue shade to a pinky-purple upon application. While it may not a lipstick for everyday wear (or is it?), it certain gives you that extra shimmer when you do.


Darth Vader Cardigan By Her Universe

First debuted at the 2017 Star Wars Celebration, this was a must-have for me. A basic black knit cardigan with hints of Darth Vader, perfect for layering. Lucky for me, my good friend David came through and stood in a very long line at SW Celebration to bring this all the way back to LA for me. Yes, I know what you're thinking "...it was available online later." But then I couldn't say I got it from SW Celebration. 


Danielle Nicole Handbags

You've probably seen these Disney-inspired handbags all over social media. Danielle Nicole turns your favorite Disney princess or character into glittery totes, clutches, mini backpacks and more. She's even expanded to other fandoms such as Harry Potter and Nickelodeon classic Rugrats. 


Photo source: Her Universe

Wonder Woman Collection 

Designed by the winners of the 2016 Her Universe Fashion Show, the collection was all about Wonder Woman. From reversible dress to cozy sweater, there wasn't an item I didn't want. However, my wallet simply couldn't handle buying the entire line so I narrowed it down to four pieces: the Daughters of Themyscira tank with a faux leather sword on the back, the off-shoulder sweater, the reversible dress, and the maxi skirt that reveals a hidden design under the sun. 


Rose Gold Minnie Ears

Rose gold has taken 2017 by storm and naturally Disney didn't miss a beat. These highly coveted ears were in such high demand that it would sell out immediately upon restock. It took me about 4 months to finally get my hands on a pair. These adorable ears were made available for purchase on shopDisney as for December 11th 2017, but was sold out in just a few hours. No luck finding them in the parks? Check out these rose gold inspired designs on Etsy.


Avengers Denim Jacket By Her Universe

This jacket was my only purchase from San Diego Comic Con 2017. The white Avengers embroidery on the back really stood out to me. There's also a small Avengers logo on the front. It's subtle enough for every day wear while showing your love for Earth's mightiest heroes.


Rainbow Highlighters

The trend was originally started by Bitter Lace Beauty. Now there are many versions of rainbow highlighters and can be found almost anywhere. The idea of swiping a bit of the rainbow on my cheekbones was intriguing. What do you mean I can look like a fairy princess or magical unicorn? Bitter Lace Beauty was sold out of the prism rainbow highlighter for a while so I went with the Wet N Wild version. Based on the swatches I've seen, the Bitter Lace Beauty version is way more pigmented but I'm plenty happy with the Wet n Wild one. 


Geeky Make Up Brushes

The makeup trends didn't stop at unicorn lipsticks or rainbow highlighters. Makeup brushes also got a geeky makeover. From unicorn horns and mermaid tails, to Harry Potter wands and rose stems, this is just a few examples of brands becoming more creative with makeup and accessories. I definitely own a fair share of unicorn and mermaid brushes.

Star Wars Timeline Skirt

This was the first collaboration between Ashley Eckstein and artist Ashley Taylor. They took the timeline of the six Star Wars movies and incorporated the design into the skirt. What I really love about the skirt is how the timeline design wraps all the way around the skirt. I can pair this skirt with button up shirt for a business look or a cute tank for a night out.


Storybook Cosmetics Palettes

The first time I heard of Storybook Cosmetics is when they released the first version of their Wizard wand brush set. It was actually one of my first posts on Geek & Glitter. Needless to say, I bought the brushes and have become a huge fan of their products. The Wizardry and Witchcraft palette remains to be my favorite from their line but since then they've release many palettes and brushes inspired by different fandom. Their attention to detail is not unnoticed. Each brush set or palette comes in a Storybook Cosmetics dust bag. The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory palette is chocolate scented and even comes with a golden ticket! Each palette comes in a storybook-style container which makes dressing up your vanity effortless.


Besame Snow White Make Up Collection

Besame Cosmetics is a vintage makeup brand, known recreating lipstick shades from the 1920s. For the 80th anniversary of Snow White, Besame create an entire collection inspired by the iconic Disney princess. The line consists of lipsticks, balms, rouges, compacts, and makeup bags. 


Unicorn And Mermaid Inspired Food

To round off the list, I have to include these sweet treats inspired by the magical creatures. From Unicorn milk shakes to mermaid churro treats, I definitely ate my fair share of delicious sweets.

If this is any indication of where 2018 will be headed, my wallet is ready (maybe).

Be sure to check back for my "What's Next For 2018" post

Most Anticipated Geeky Finds Of 2018

Most Anticipated Geeky Finds Of 2018

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